This months meeting was held Sunday, April 14, 2024, at the Brickside Grill in Bridgeport. First Officer John Hawkins led the meeting. There were twenty people in attendance, consisting of members of the #485 and #267 chapters.

Rally News

Melissa and Michael Williams were on hand to give a Rally update. The information discussed is as follows:

The rally will be June 13th through June 16th. Thursday and Friday there will be a DJ. Saturday is undecided. The rally committee is looking for a DJ, but the backup plan is a PA system.

The location of the rally is Echo Park – Seneca. The accommodations is camp-style bunk beds complete with a shower house, a pavilion and outside grill. There is a river for fishing. A huge play area for the kids. For those not wanting to stay “camp-style” there are plenty of other options; such as tent or camper, Smoke Hole Cabins within walking distance and a motel. For pictures, updates and to register go to

There will be rides Friday and Saturday that will include a fast group as well as a slow group.

You are encouraged to bring chairs and canopy’s. There will be a Judge contest for the best Tiki-Bar Themed Canopy! There will also be a scavenger hunt! Prizes for these can be seen on

There will be a Bike Wash!

There will be a 110 SSR Dirt Bike (Brand new) raffled off. Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100.

There will be vendors and tattoo artist available as well as a food truck available for breakfast and dinner.

New Business

2nd Officer

Scott Nestor has stepped up to be our 2nd Officer!

New Members

Joe Washington and John Copper. Welcome!!!

Upcoming Rides

  • Brad Hart suggested The Bigfoot Festival 6/29
  • 7 Springs Wing Festival – dates to be announced when they become available.
  • 9-11 Memorial Ride
  • Golden Palace
  • Mothman Festival
  • Cooters
  • Triple Nickle (overnight)
  • Flight 93
  • National Cemeteries

We will begin looking at the weather the first week of May. Rides will be announced a week in advance and we will alternate with Chapter 267.

Final Notes


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