Yes! I Ride Like A Girl!

"You ride like a girl" Usually anything "like a girl" is a bad thing. Yet since the inception of motorcycles, women have sought to...

First Motorcycle in the world

First Gas-Engine Motorcycle The first gas-engined motorcycle was produced in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler (if the name sounds familiar it's the same Daimler from Mercedes-Benz). The...

Riding As A Couple

Ever been on the road and thought “Wow, I really wish my love was here to see how beautiful this was.” Whether you are...

Novice Rider: 5 Real-Life Tips to Start Using Right Now!

Every single rider starts out as a novice, uncertain and gangly, unbalanced, and unsure. Yet deciding to get a bike and become a novice...

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop knows how to build a great tire; turn-in is brilliant, handling sharp and even small-bump absorption is first-rate. After all the running and...
motorcycle history

History of Motorcycles

History of Motorcycles Motorcycles have been with us for so long in so many forms that it seems hard to remember that they are a...
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