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Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Motorcycle Tires


Dunlop knows how to build a great tire; turn-in is brilliant, handling sharp and even small-bump absorption is first-rate. After all the running and peg-grinding, the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II tires have a long life ahead of them. In fact, they may just be the perfect heavy-haul, long-distance junkie’s shoe choice for their two-wheeled second home.

Dunlop is a name that every man, woman, and child on Earth is familiar with in one form or another – the tire and rubber company has a long and very well-publicized history – that logo is found virtually everywhere there are human beings.

Though that popularity owes much to their racing heritage, it also reflects worldwide respect for the quality of their wares. Due to this reputation, the tires produced by the motorcycle side of the company are often found on the wheels of sport-touring rigs, both production-line new and previously owned and well-used. Entry into that important market segment is an update on a well-respected long-distance favorite – the Roadsmart – and is designated the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II.

Dunlop is selling the Sportmax Roadsmart II as an appropriate choice for every sport-oriented motorcycle from a 600 middleweight sportbike up to a two-up-and-luggage-hauling inline-six sport-oriented mile-muncher. It is a brave assertion, but Dunlop usually knows of what it speaks.

Towards their lofty goals, the tire has been given a new compound with a new silica formulation for better-wet weather traction and durability. It also sports the Dunlop Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) which is an advanced construction allowing for a near-linear traction coefficient, meaning that the footprint size varies based on the lean angle and forces applied to the tires, thus improving grip. The rear Sportmax Roadsmart II is endowed with “Multi-Thread” technology – dual-compound – consisting of a long-wearing center tread and stickier shoulders which combine for enhanced grip, predictability, and feel.

To extend the life of the Sportmax Roadsmart II, Dunlop increased the tread depth slightly from its predecessor, which also happens to help with wet weather handling. Continuing on those themes, a cosecant-curve tread pattern is drawn onto the surface – yes, tire companies love math – that has the nice side-effect of reduced squirming under even severe load conditions. The trig-loving engineers also enhanced the overall carcass surface properties for a far quicker warm-up than previously possible. Those taking a long way everywhere will find the Sportmax Roadsmart II a very appealing replacement for worn out buns should they live up to Dunlop’s lofty claims.

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Tire technology has advanced so fast that it is difficult to keep up with the nomenclature, but the Sportmax Roadsmart II will probably encourage one to remember what it is that makes your riding so much more predictable.
All Dunlop cares about, though, is how well the tires live up to their promise, and it must be said that the early runs on them back this up very well. There is plenty of moisture where those tests were conducted, and the Sportmax Roadsmart II ran through the water like it was dry pavement. They hold a line with precision and will carve out some of the best lines on the worst roads you can find and even a single run on your local back-roads will inspire confidence.
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