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January 2021 chapter 485 and chapter 542 Merge Meeting


A special meeting was held Sunday, January 24, 2021, at the Pleasant Valley Fire Hall in Fairmont, WV. First Officer John Hawkins and Second Officer Beth Gribble led the meeting. There were twenty-four people in attendance.



First officer John Hawkins opened the meeting to questions from the attending members.

Shortly thereafter, John and Beth reminded everyone how the chain of command should work. A chain of command is akin to an organizational chart and creates efficiency when reporting problems or communicating with members. If any member has a problem, the problem must be raised with your direct officers first, which would be John Hawkins or Beth Gribble. If the problem can not be resolved at this level, then, and only then, they (John or Beth) will take the matter to our state officer.

Beth instructed the 542 members to talk amongst themselves within the next few weeks and decide how they would like their chapter treasury to be spent. Michael Williams moved that Teressa Lantz be given the position to organize this matter, and it was agreed upon by First Officer John Hawkins and Second Officer Beth Gribble. Once the previous 542 group members have decided, they are to contact Beth Gribble with their decision.

Although we are merging, John assured members that their positions as road captain and tail gunner would transfer over with them should they decide they want to keep the position.

It was announced that as we start into the new year, the group will restore the safety officer, ride coordinator, and prayer leader positions. John Hawkins requested that Mellissa Williams be appointed prayer leader, and she accepted. The safety officer and ride coordinator positions have not been appointed at this time.

The option of having new patches made was brought up by John Hawkins. The members were polled and at this time no preference was given one way or the other. It was suggested by Scott Byrd that group members come up with some design options and then let members vote at the next meeting. If you have a design that you would like submitted, please reach out to Beth or John.

The 2021 West Virginia State Rally will be June 10 – 12th. No venue has been decided on at this time.

We are also taking suggestions for rides. Rides for the 2021 calendar year will be decided on a month by month basis. Confirmed rides will be announced on our website’s calendar at https://scrc485.com and on our Facebook page. Start thinking of where you’d like to go this coming year. The riding season will be here before we know it!

Our first scheduled group gathering will be to attend the swap meet in Waynesburg, PA . on February 7th. Meetup place and times will be announced on our website and Facebook.

The entire 485 chapter would like to give a warm welcome to Wendy and Jim Vankirk.

We would like to have the riders rodeo this year if we can find a place to have it. Scott Nestor suggested Milan Park and volunteered to inquire about it. If you know of any place that’s large enough, please check into it and get with John or Beth with any potential leads.

I’ll close with a personal observation. It takes more than one or two members to make a group awesome. Each and every one of you add a little something unique to this group. It’s that uniqueness along with participation that makes the 485 chapter great, it’s who we are.

Ride Safe!